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Danielle Martin
Sidbury, 16.07.2022 2:37
This oil is by far my favourite tanning lotion I have ever purchased. It really helped me tan so uch faster than with other products I've used and it hydrates my skin without cloging the pores or being sticky. Apart form the dark tan, my skin looks firmer and toned which is a really really lovely effect!
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Freya Boyle
Quarrington Hill, 11.07.2022 17:42
I’ve used a lot of different tanning oils before but Vybe tnt is the bomb! I’ve only been using it for 3 days one of which was kind of cloudy, and my skin is already as tanned as it would be after a week at beach! smells so deliciously and I can also feel my skin is properly moisturized but without feeling sticky. It's not super thick so you don’t have to apply a lot.
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Hannah Jones
Alveston, 17.07.2022 18:22
Vybe Tnt is a lovely sun tanning oil all the way around. Gave me a deep, dark tan and it's all natural. I’m super impressed. From the scent, to the body toning action, to the quick natural tan. It isn’t greasy although it's so hydrating and prevents peeling and cracking after hours in the sun. It leaves no stains, no blotches, or any other negative effects. Definitely recommend!
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Caren Gremmen
Ridderkerk, 19.07.2022 0:26
I bought 3 bottles of vybe TNT for me and for a friend of mine who complains she always has a hard time getting tanned. I got tanned quicker than with other oils and my skin looks and feels firmer which really compliemts the tan! My girl sent me a pic of her after 4 days in the sun and it's clear she's gotten darker. I think it's a really great product and I'm gonna order some more so that I'm covered for the whole summer.
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Sifra Brussaard
Leusden, 07.07.2022 4:51
This is hands down the best tanning accelerator out there - fast results, lovely smell, doesn’t make my legs itch like the others do, and it really highlights my curves beautifully
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