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Aftersun soothing balm with Aloe Vera & Collagen. 

Volume: 150 ml

  • 24h Calming & Hydration effect:

    VYBE AFT provides the skin with immediate relief and rich hydration after sun exposure. Infused with cooling Aloe Vera, the calming hydrator repairs, firms up and softens the skin. The soothing effect after one application lasts for 24 hours, supplying your sun-kissed skin with vital moisture, vitamins and revitalizing ingredients.

  • Tan-prolonging action:

    We call this formula The Best Friend of lasting tan. And it’s for a reason. The advanced hydration action of VYBE AFT “flattens” the skin cells and thus they accumulate more sunlight faster, which speeds up tanning. On the other hand, the combination of natural tan-prolonging oils ensures durable and saturated tan for a very long time.

  • Moisture-lock formula with Collagen:

    VYBE AFT not only moisturizes the skin to its core, but it also “locks” moisture inside the cells. This special mechanism helps prevent scaling, cracking and peeling, which is key to long-lasting tan. Enriched with Collagen, the formula rapidly smooths and softens the skin, as it visibly improves its texture and elasticity.

  • Delicious Coconut fragrance:

    Feel the cooling relief of Aloe Vera and soak your skin in the delicate scent of Coconut!

* The effect multiplies over time so if you want to keep your chocolate tan for as long as possible, it’s best if you keep using the hydrating balm even after you’ve stopped sunbathing.

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for a durable tan

VYBE AFT is a soothing aftersun balm especially formulated to sustain your chocolate tan longer. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Collagen and deeply moisturizing ingredients, VYBE AFT provides immediate cooling relief to your skin after sunbathing. What’s more, the intense hydration formula helps prevent peeling and dryness, which allows your skin to retain its tan for a very long time!

Cool. Smooth. Moisturize.

Advanced hydration for a lasting tan

VYBE AFT is especially designed to instantly moisturize, soothe and cool the skin after sun exposure. Because deep hydration eliminates the risk of peeling and cracking, your skin can remain evenly tanned for a very long time. Last but not least, proper hydration during suntanning allows the skin to tan better and faster.

Instant calming with Aloe Vera & Collagen

Enriched with the best natural cooling ingredient - Aloe Vera - our ultra hydrating formula soothes, repairs and heals the skin, even after the first application. On the other hand, Collagen helps firm up the texture of your skin, making it visibly firmer and satin-smooth.

Seal your tan in

By hydrating the skin and locking the moisture inside, VYBE AFT ensures that every nuance of dark tan you get is sealed in! On the other hand, the moisture-lock mechanism of VYBE AFT helps your cells retain as much moisture as possible. This action keeps your skin hydrated and soft at all times, which is vital to attaining more healthy tan faster and keeping it for longer.

Scent? We’ll just say Mmm

Your skin will bear the fragrance of tasty Coconut all day long!

Hydrate & keep your tan for longer

I love the cool feeling of relief on my skin after a long day on the beach - it feels so soft and smooth! And I`ve noticed that when I use the hydrating lotion regularly, my tan remains dark and even for a significantly longer time!



VYBE AFT© is a next generation tanning formula - especially designed especially for those who demand deep and long-lasting tanning - and also want it fast and natural.

To make that happen, we created a one-of-a-kind composition of the best tan-enhancing natural oils, combined with special deeply hydrating ingredients. By naturally boosting melanin production, moisturizing the skin and attracting the sunlight to it, the VYBE AFT formula allows every skin type to achieve the maximum amount of tan and keep it even and saturated for a very long time.

There`s more. VYBE AFT is a double-action formula that contains 1. natural oils for rapid tan formation and 2. shimmering particles for a sexy golden glow on the beach. Turn up the sexy on the beach! Get an irresistible tan and glossy skin in a matter of minutes.

Cover your skin with VYBE AFT’s seductive scent of chocolate, with every drop of oil leaving you smelling delicious and feeling glamorous. The more you drop = the more you glow. It`s easy!


Naturally enhances tan and keeps it even and saturated for longer. It also moisturizes the skin, making it soft, glowing and silky.

With a healthy infusion of vitamin A, vitamin D, B vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, it helps the skin accumulate more dark tan, faster.

Thanks to its high content of omega 6 and 9 and vitamin E, Sesame oil softens and nourishes the skin during tanning. Contains essential fatty acids that make it a great natural moisturizer.

Probably the #1 skin-smoothing oil. It delivers an immediate tightening effect and visibly firms up the skin.

Provides rich natural 24-hour hydration. This way it firms up and repairs the skin, preventing peeling, redness and irritation after sun exposure.

Loved for its hydrating, calming and repairing properties, instantly soothes and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and glowing.

Locks the moisture in the cells to strengthen the skin texture and improve its elasticity. It also has powerful anti-aging properties that ensures a healthy, tight and smooth skin at the beach.

Summer Vybes

*Does not contain sunscreen UV filter. During prolonged sun exposure use in combination with a sunscreen product.



1. Shake

well before use.

2. Apply

evenly before or during sun exposure.

3. Enjoy

a rapid chocolate tan that lasts!

Summer vybes & tan lines


Why should I apply aftersun lotion?

Hydrated skin tans several times faster than sun-dry skin. This action keeps your skin hydrated and soft at all times, which is vital to attaining more healthy tan and keeping it for longer. The effect multiplies over time so if you want to keep your choco tan well into the autumn months, it’s best if you keep using the hydrating balm even after you’ve stopped sunbathing.

How does VYBE AFT work?
What does VYBE AFT contain?
How does VYBE AFT help me tan faster and keep the result for longer?
What is the moisture-lock mechanism?
How do I use VYBE AFT?
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Naia Hidalgo Tercero
Barcelona, 20.07.2022 3:29
I have been using this lotion for after sun care for a couple of weeks now. It instantly soothes the pain from sun burns, and smells very pleasant. The best thing about this lotion is that it doesn’t leave a film on your skin like aloe Vera gel. Instead, it soaks in and leaves your skin feeling smooth.
Verified Purchase
Maria Rentería
Barcelona, 19.07.2022 22:40
This is one of my favorite after sun products. It has very natural ingredients to keep your skin hydrated! After all, having your skin hydrated after being in the sun is a MUST!!!
Verified Purchase
Mireia Alonzo
Toledo, 19.07.2022 20:09
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!! It's moisturizing, smells like heaven, and a little goes a long way!! Definitely worth the price.
Verified Purchase